One Year In…

My name is Jess, and I need a fresh start.

Just over a year ago, my husband and I packed all our things, put our house on the market, left a city we love, and moved back home. At the time, I was 7 months pregnant with our first kiddo, so the changes didn’t stop with the move. My husband started down a new career path, and became the sole financial provider for our little family so that I could stay home. I quit my day job for a 24/7 job: motherhood. We rented a house in my hometown, welcomed our sweet baby boy, and quickly went from being the carefree young couple with a packed social schedule to the brand-new overwhelmed parents with few friends in town. And yet… More changes were in store. One year after moving home, we decided to give notice to renters living in a house that my husband purchased before we were married, so that we could move in and settle down in a place that was more permanently ours. Unfortunately, the renters had completely trashed the house, and it needed new flooring and paint throughout, new appliances, deep cleaning, a new yard, etc.

So, as a recap: move, leave friends, new job, one income, brand-spanking-new baby, home renovation. All within a year. Cue some major exhaustion and stress, yeah?

I finally feel like we’re starting to settle into our new life. So why, might you ask, do I need a fresh start? Haven’t I had enough “fresh” over the past year? In some ways, yes. But my attitude needs a fresh start, a redo, a blank slate. I don’t deal well with change, so all of these transitions have been tough for me. I’ve had a crappy attitude about a lot of it, and it’s way past time to fix that.

So this is the story of me, of all life’s imperfections that I’m trying to embrace with gratitude and positivity. I believe that everyone’s life is a story, and we get to write on all those blank pages… But sometimes, most often, it’s not a perfect font, it’s more like scribbles. In crayon, with lots of cross-outs and misspellings and doodles in the margins.

These are the Scribbles On My Pages.


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